I started learning piano in 2019; I tried various online training courses, apps and videos. Some worked wonders for me, some were ok, some not so much. I am including piano course reviews here on different training methods that I actually tried; hopefully this will help others make a choice that is right for them!

Piano In 21 Days Review

This is my review of the Piano in 21 Days online course that got me playing modern songs on the piano super fast. This really is an awesome course; check out my review for all the details.

Piano In 21 Days Review

The Piano Man Approach

This is my preliminary review of the Piano Man Approach online course by Steve Lungrin. This course is focused on getting you playing performance focused accompaniment versions of modern songs quickly. This course works for total beginners or experienced players who have never been taught piano with this type of approach.

Piano Man Approach Review

If you have any questions about my experiences with any of the online training I’ve reviewed, please feel free to contact me!