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Hi there! This is my Piano In 21 Days Review. Piano in 21 Days is a fantastic online piano course created by Jacques Hopkins. I’ll start my review by saying that I am extremely happy about how the decision to purchase this course worked out for me – it got me playing piano in a matter of a few weeks, and kick started what is now a super fun and rewarding hobby for me.

Who is this course for?
Who is this course for

People that want to learn how to play modern music without having to learn how to sight read sheet music. If you want to be able to look up chords for your favorite rock, pop or country song and be able to sit down at your piano and play that song, this course is exactly what you are looking for.

Who is this course NOT for?
Who is this course not for

People that want to learn how to sight read sheet music, and be able to play traditional classical piano pieces.

How I Got Started

In the fall of 2019, I broke my ankle on a hiking trip (guess I should have gone in the summer and not the “fall” . . . get it?). Instead of spending my recovery time playing video games, I decided to try and bring music back into my life and learn the piano. When I was much younger, I played bass (and a little guitar) in rock bands for a couple of years but then work life took over and the guitar only got pulled out once in a while. But I was always super intimidated by the piano (not sure why). After taking this course, I feel more at home on the piano now than I do with a guitar in my hand.

What Does This Course Teach You

Learning The Keys
Learning the keys

The course starts by having you learn your way around the keys, what the notes are and how to identify them, find them etc.

Common Chords (and some advanced ones later on)
Common chords

This is the best thing about how this course works; instead of teaching you how to “regurgitate” a song – playing it exactly as someone else played it, whether from reading sheet music or from a “how to play this song” video on the internet this course teaches you how common chords are constructed and how to figure them out on your own.


As the course progresses, you are shown various techniques to improvise around the chords you are playing; and these techniques are easily transferable to other chords, so you can add them to any song you learn.

Song Learning Process
Song learning process

There is a very straight to the point method for learning songs that is shown with a new song in almost every lesson (from lesson 7 on) that works extremely well.

Basic But Valuable Music Theory (mostly without you really even knowing)
Music theory

While for the most part it isn’t presented as “theory” in the course, this approach to learning does teach you some valuable theory about how chords are constructed, what transposition is, and many common chord combinations used in modern music. And there is also a basic lesson on scales, but it is directed towards being used as part of your improvisation techniques.

How This Course Teaches You

Focused Lessons
Focused lessons
What your training videos look like

Every video lesson is the same format: the lesson topic is explained & demonstrated to you (overhead shot of Jacques’s piano keys as he plays with a helpful animation of the keys played). The lessons are easy to follow, and the exercises are challenging, but never too much at one time.

Focused Practice Exercises
Practice exercises
Practice exercises

After each lesson you are assigned some practice exercises for the lesson topic; they could incorporate the flash cards (included with the course), or some sound files, or practicing a technique that was shown.

Song Learning Example
Piano In 21 Days Song Learning Examples

From day 7 on, most lessons will also include a song to learn that reinforces what the lesson was about. This is done with an additional video lesson and is great, because it reinforces the lesson topic, it reinforces the song learning process, and quite honestly for me actually opened me up to some new artists and songs that I continue to enjoy.

Which “Package” Should You Choose

When I bought this course, I chose the “Ultimate Package” and I am very happy with that decision, because it includes some extra extremely helpful material. Also, I think it’s very cool that Jacques sought out specialists in these areas to help with the extra content; that provides the best value for students like myself.

Hand Coordination Course
Piano In 21 Days Hand Coordination Course

This is a 6 lesson video course on getting your left and right hands to work together – this course was VERY helpful to me, this was something I struggled with for a while.

Melody & Ear Training In 21 Days Course
Piano In 21 Days Melody & Ear Training

This is another 21 day video course that teaches playing chords in the left hand with a “feel” (basic, synchopated, country, waltz) and then playing the melody of the song with the right hand. My personal preference is to sing (well . . TRY to sing) melodies and play chords & improvise but this course was still very helpful in picking out melodies & ear training.

Other Courses
Piano In 21 Days Bonus Training

In addition to what I consider the “main” offerings above, there are also additional training courses included such as a single lesson on jazz piano and a 2 video basic introduction on how to read sheet music, as well as full 21 day courses on guitar and vocals

Facebook Group
Piano In 21 Days Facebook Group

I’ve been a member of many Facebook groups, but I’ve never seen one with this much participation and positive vibe! There are tons of other students just like me who are trying to learn how to play the piano, that not only ask questions, post ideas, or videos of a song they’ve learned, but also join in with Jacques in answering other students questions, and providing feedback and tons of encouragement (which really helps when you’re stuck on a lesson or topic). If you post a video trying something on the piano, regardless of your level and ability you will be amazed at the feedback and encouragement you get.

The Final Word – Piano in 21 Days Review

So those are my thoughts on Piano In 21 Days; if you want to learn how to play modern music on the piano quickly in a very focused but easy to follow way, with a super fun and supportive community of others with the same goals as you, then I highly recommend signing up for Piano In 21 days and getting your journey started.

I’ve included my affiliate link below for Piano in 21 Days, so if you want to check out the course further I would really appreciate it if you used that link to check out the trial (you can try out the first 5 days for free!) and get started on the course.

Get after it, practice lots, and have TONS of fun! I hope to see you posting in the Piano In 21 Days Facebook group soon!

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If you want to ask me any questions about the Piano In 21 Days Course, please feel free to contact me! You may also want to check out my post on Learning Piano With Sight Reading vs. Chords